Friday Morning

This morning has been peaceful here on the homestead.  The rain is still falling (has been all night) and the clouds are setting low making it hard to see much out the window.


Tobin is home today.  It is his weekend, but he took some extra time off this week to get a few things done and catch up on rest.


My kids are still talking about the picnic with Dalyn and Tara.  My girls posted some of their pictures on their BLOG. 


I have a few chores to take care around the home today.  Laundry to do and the girls and I will be making pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert. 


I am messing around with ice cream recipes and looking for something that works for us.  I have a tried and true recipe that I use, but it calls for sugar and I substitute cane juice crystals.  However I want to sweeten my ice cream with honey or maple syrup.  So I keep working on it.  If I ever get it down I will certainly post the recipe!! 


If anyone is waiting for my June Newsletter..  It will be a few days.  Things here are busy and I need to deal with the home, then the newsletter will be out! 




  1. Crystal,

    Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. I wish you could send some of your rain our way...we need it badly. Think of me when you eat the ice cream this know me and ice cream!!!

    Hugs to you my friend.


  2. homesteadinthemakingJune 2, 2006 at 5:24 AM

    I have the vanilla ice cream recipe that I used last night posted today on my blog.

    We love this one!!!!



  3. We have been reading your steps to healthier eating and trying to implement them one baby step at a time it has been so encouraging.It's so funny to see your picnic picture because Dalyn and i used to attend the same church,though we didn't really know one another real well.May I list your website on my blog?Thank you again for your inspiration.God bless,Linn

  4. Good morning! Just wanted to let you know what a blessing you, you site and your blog are. It is always a highlight to my day when I come to visit. I should ask if it is alright to list you on my blog too. I have already told several friends of your site and they love it as well.

    God bless, Rossie

  5. Have you tried Stevia to sweeten the ice cream? that's what we use and it turns out wonderful! Best of all, it does nothing to elevate blood sugar levels and it's an all natural sweetener-not chemicals!

  6. Did you ever find a recipe for sprouted tortillas? I seem to remember you asking someone if they had a recipe. I\'d love to see it if you did receive one. We love them, but my son can\'t eat the store purchased ones because of processing in a plant that also processes treenuts, etc.


    <br>I have really been enjoying your blog. I love reading the different things you have implemented from NT cookbook. We love your choc chip cookies recipe:)




  7. Can\'t wait until you post your ice cream recipe! I\'ve been thinking about trying to make ice cream with honey also.

    <br>Kendra in Southwest Louisiana



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