Chickens, Chickens, Chickens Everywhere!

Emily and Leanne are raising about 60 to 70 chickens right now.   Twenty of them are currently laying and the rest should start to lay by next month.  We have noticed a few roosters in the second batch of chickens so they will have to go in the freezer soon. 


Emily and Leanne sell the eggs, as well as provide fresh eggs for our family. They wanted to talk a little about that in their blog.. at soon as they have the time..


In the mean time I thought I would share a few pictures of the chickens enjoying the summer sun and their fill of fresh green grass, bugs, worms and all that goes into making healthy eggs! 





The saved rooster from older chickens:


Those healthy eggs!! 


  1. so they are free roaming.... you put them in at night? Do you have much of a preditor problem?

  2. Beautiful chickens and eggs too! I'm curious too about whether they get put up at night or stay out all the time. I'll check your girls' blog when they get the time to write about it.

  3. Crystal, you said your 2 roosters were soon going in the freezer. Have you ever considered getting an incubator and letting your kids hatch out some eggs. When our children were small, they had a blast watching the eggs hatch. I have hatched out over 70 this spring, all destined for the freezer. Beautiful chickens, by the way.




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