Menu Monday!

Yesterday afternoon was busy but productive for me. I was thinking about the upcoming week and my menu and decided to cook up a few meals at once and freeze them for the week. I ended up making 4 meals using my Instant Pot and now should have us set for the week. I plan to share more about this on Friday in the Kitchen.

Tonight we are having bbq chicken sandwiches. I cooked up chicken breasts and shredded them, added bbq sauce and will have this on hamburger buns with coleslaw.

The rest of the week is looking like this...

Mexican Chicken Soup
This soup is a combo of chicken, carrots, corn, onions, and spices all cooked in the IP. I'll be serving corn bread muffins and a salad on the side.  I don't have a recipe written down for this yet, I was winging it..  :)

Rainy days in the forecast always make me think of chili. I'll serve this with tortilla chips and a salad.

It's easy to make spaghetti in the IP. French bread and a salad will round out this meal.

That should do it for the week! 


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