Monday, April 4, 2016

Menu Monday!

Time for the weekly menu! I had to do some rearranging in my freezer which was good as it gave me time to reevaluate what I have and do a little menu planning around that.

I started over the weekend by making a batch of chicken broth with one of the whole chickens I had in the freezer. I'll be using the meat from this and some of the broth as well this week.

For the meals I have planned I intend to make double batches so we can eat on these meals for a couple days at least. With the upcoming beautiful weather I'm looking to spend as much time outside as I can and not worry about about meals each night.

Here is my plan for the week..

Crockpot chicken bacon chowder
This is a yummy soup! I'm making a big batch today and will be serving it with a nice big salad and crackers.

Kalua pork
I found a pork roast in the freezer that I had bought on sale a couple weeks ago and decided this was the best use for it. I'll serve a macaroni salad and a green veggie packed salad with this.

Chicken pot pie
I plan on making it over the weekend. A nice big pan of chicken pot pie sounds really good to me. I'll use the chicken and stock that I made from my recent batch of chicken broth for this. I always like including fresh veggies with most of my meals so a salad on the side will round out this dinner.

That should do it for the week! How's your menu planning coming along for this week?


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