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Just a few tidbits to share. Life with fewer kids at home is different!! But there is so much that I'm enjoying. Almost like rediscovering life in a new way. I've enjoyed the peace and quiet of the mornings. I'm enjoying the slower pace. I'm enjoying being able to have the time to focus on things like walking and striving to be more physically active and healthy. But one thing I'm really enjoying is spending more time with my daughter Hannah and my grandchildren. It has been a huge blessing to me.

Last week we had our first 80 degree day and Hannah and I were very eager to get out and walk, enjoy the sunshine and work out the wiggles with the kids.

We live near a small river (well, small compared to the Columbia River that we also live near) and at one part of the river there is a beautiful walking trail. It's a little over 2 miles. We took the kids and Hannah's new puppy and set out for an afternoon of fun. The kids loved it, Hannah and I loved it, the puppy loved it.. it was a win all the way around. My son Isaac also joined us.

Back in March I shared with you that I got a palm tree for my birthday. My sons helped me (ok.. I supervised, they did the work.. Ha, ha!! ) and we got the palm tree planted. I decided to plant the tree in my front yard. I can now see from the kitchen window above the sink. It makes me smile every time I'm there doing my dishes.
I thought I'd share a little update from my daughter Leanne. She has now been in S. Korea a little over 2 months. She's settled in to her new apartment, gotten to know her way around her neighborhood and made new friends and met up with friends from her last time there. She is really happy in her new school. She says they are just wonderful employers and she has a excellent rapport with her co teachers. They all help each other, share ideas and work amazingly together. This time around she has kindergarten children. They are so sweet she tells me. They are a little more challenging than elementary children because they no little to no English. She tells me she is enjoying the challenge.

That's the latest from the Homestead!!


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