Getting Fit in the 50's!!

Quite often when I go out for a walk I do it with one of my children. But often, as they have busy lives, I head out on my own. The other morning when I went out on my walk I realized how much more I saw and heard. The wildflowers, the sound of the creek rushing down, birds, the cows mooing in my neighbors field.

That quiet walk was so enjoyable. I had time to soak it all in, spent time praying for family and friends, and worked on getting more fit. All in all it was a blessed walk.

A few pics from my walk..

The wildflowers...

The creek I pass by...

The neighbors cows...

No matter where you go for your walk.. stop to take notice of God's creation.. it is everywhere!!


  1. That's a lovely walk. I love taking quiet walks and seeing God's creation. Much as I love the city, it's good to get into nature at times.


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