In the Garden!!

Today I was able to get a great start on my garden. My tomato plants were more than ready to be planted. Tobin called them a “forest of tomatoes” when he would see them sitting on my deck.

I'm happy to say that they are in the ground. Well 40 of them are. The rest I'm giving away. I also planted seeds: Royal Burgandy Bush Beans. They grow a dark red/burgandy color, which I just thought would be fun. However when you cook them they turn green. I planted radishes, lots of flowers, bush baby summer squash (zucchini type but you harvest them when they are 6 inches long), and some patty pan squash.

I still have more to plant but after 3 hours in the garden this afternoon I was done! Ha, ha.. still had housework to do, laundry and dinner to make. Which I accomplished! :)

While down at the garden I took a couple more pics. A view looking at the house.. all those bushes/plants going up the hill are blackberries. Should be a huge crop this year!! Actually blackberries, at least in my part, are more of a noxious weed.. they are everywhere and pain to keep under control. But a few batches of blackberry jam in late summer is one consolation.

And our pond.... soon it should be warm enough to enjoy some swim time....



  1. Your space is beautiful! Look forward to seeing your garden as it fills in, especially the bush baby beans, they sounds so pretty

    1. Thank you Elaine! I'll definitely be posting updates through the summer!! :)

  2. Sorry, I confused your squash and your beans :( Both sound lovely !

    1. :)... no problem... I'll be posting about both!! :)

  3. Wow, so many tomatoes! I thought I had a lot with 3 plants. Ha, ha. You have a lovely garden. I love your little pond.


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