Monday, February 9, 2015

Menu Monday!

I have a busy week ahead... so happy to have the menu ready to go! How is your menu planning coming along this week?

I don't plan breakfast or lunch .. do you?

Breakfast at our house is mostly serve yourself. I have oatmeal, eggs, cereal and pancake mix on hand for everyone to pick from. I do make a big family breakfast about once a week. Lunch is either leftovers, sandwiches or wraps, again usually self serve as my children are all grown and capable in the kitchen. As long as I have ingredients on hand for them, they do just fine. I still make my hubby's lunch for work

Beef and Peppers.. it will get made this week! LOL.. I have it in the crockpot now.. along with rice and a salad

Sour cream chicken enchiladas, tortilla chips, salad

Spaghetti & meatballs, french bread, green beans


Chicken soup, biscuits, salad

Pork chops, mac & cheese, salad



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