This Week’s Menu

I did pretty good last week as far as planning goes. I am still adjusting to just 4 of us. I ended up cooking 3 times, leftovers 3 times and one night Sierra and I were the only ones home so we just made ourselves a sandwich and salad. This week I’ll aim for 4 meals and see how it goes.

Leftover beef and veggie chili (recipe post coming soon). I made a large crockpot full of this on Sunday and have enough for Monday’s dinner as well. I’ll be serving it with tortilla chips and a salad

Chicken parmesan, french bread, salad – this was one of those meals from last week that did not get made

Salmon patties (I may be making some for the freezer which is what the link shows), brown rice pilaf, garlic roasted brussel sprouts – another meal from last week that did not get made


Chicken & bacon crockpot chowder (another recipe I'll share if it turns out good), dinner rolls, salad

Spaghetti (using my home canned sauce), french bread, salad




  1. Finally had an opportunity to try my hand at your enchilada sauce. 100 times better than store bought! I ended up making enough for two meals so half will go in the freezer along with 10 wraps.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Chicken and bacon crockpot chowder??? Oh my! That sounds delish! :)
    Have a lovely weekend,


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