Homestead Garden: Tomato Starts

It may be rainy and cool lately here in the PNW but that has not stopped me from getting my garden going. ~smile~

About 10 days ago I got my tomato seeds started. Last year Tobin built me a little box. It has 3 sides and the front is open. He hung florescent lights in it on a chain so I can adjust the level of the lights. There is also plastic that hangs in the front of box so I can keep my plants warm. This sits on a counter in his shop and the shop can get pretty cool at night.

Right now I am beginning to see the start of the first two true leaves on my tomatoes. I suspect it won’t be long before it is time to replant them. Last year I replanted twice before it was time to put them in the ground, which is usually around Memorial Day weekend. I am praying that the weather here in my part of the world improves a great deal by then!!

Here is a picture of my babies :) ..

I have an article on my site written by a friend of mine, Jennifer Zeitz, that shares how to start seeds for your garden:


  1. I'm going to get mine started this week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very cute :) You can check out all my seedlings I got started about 3 weeks ago! I will be starting more today once I can get more newspaper!

  3. I have always started my seeds inside, then two years I used miracle-grow seed starter and my seedlings wouldn't grow past the seed leaf stage and the stems turned purple. Utterly discouraging! Soil? Coincidence? I decided not to fuss with starting my own this year!

  4. Jessica.. I wonder if the problem is the miracle grow.. Maybe it was too strong in additives for the plants? Not sure, I have never used it.

    The only plants I start from seed now are tomatoes. I can't find roma tomato starts in the garden centers of the stores around here and I need them for spaghetti sauce and salsa that I can during the summer..


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