Follow Up on Cast Iron

If you get my monthly newsletter than you know I wrote on using cast iron frying pans. I got a LOT of emails in response to the article. I don’t have time to respond to all of them so thought I would update a little here. First off.. thank you to all of you who shared your love of cast iron and shared stories. I had one lady who has been using them for years and years now… love hearing this!!

The other thing that was coming through on the emails was so many recommendations for Lodge brand cast iron. That is what I use too. I took a look on and found that you can purchase them for very reasonable prices. If you spend more than $25 dollars with Amazon they give you free shipping which is a GREAT deal when you consider the weight of cast iron!

I also was happy to see that the 5 quart dutch oven I have wanted is on sale for an amazing price.. $28.97.. which would qualify for free shipping. I never did pick out my birthday present so I think this will be it!! LOL… 

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  1. I just wanted to quickly comment. I actually found quite a FEW cast iron (the good kind - Lodge) pans, skillets and dutch ovens at Walmart (Yes, Walmart) for CHEAPER than what they sell on Amazon! If you have a Walmart near you, check it out!

  2. Crystal~ Thanks for this post I too love cast iron but I was told when we purchased our new stove that I can't use them on the type of stove we got. It is a flat top stove not sure of the actual name but it has no burners other than rings. I really wanted to buy all cast iron but instead am stuck with my old set of pans. My next stove will be cast iron friendly :)

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the dutch oven. Hubs said if I want it, get it!!! ~Liz

  4. JoAnn, I got told the same thing when I got my flat top stove but then one person told me I could, just to be careful. So, I tried it and they work fine. The reason you have to be careful is because they are so heavy that if you just plop them down, they could break your stove top. I use cast iron without any trouble on my flat top. Hope this helps.

  5. We purchased 3 cast iron skillets at a flea market 27 years ago, we have used at least one of them once per day for 27 years, they are wonderful to cook with, we paid $25 for the three of them. I purchased a cast iron omelet pan at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $5. My daughter gave me a cast iron dutch oven for Christmas, it is wonderful to cook with, it is used several times per week.
    Cast iron will last pretty much forever, and it is extremely nice to cook with, and you do not have to worry about health issues as you might have to with teflon coated pans and aluminum pans.

  6. I wanted a cast iron dutch oven but honestly couldn't afford one -so- I had a thought: Use the inside crock of a slow cooker with an oven safe lid. It works perfectly plus it's SO MUCH EASIER to clean and if after dinner your too tired ( I suffer from a disorder that causes fatigue) to separate & put leftover away you can put the whole crock w/ food in the fridge over night to separate into 2nd & 3rd meals the next day.
    I have a smaller crock that I use for a Cookie Jar. I'm now keeping an eye out for another larger crock to keep my baking flour in for easier access.


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