Wednesday on the Homestead

Today promises a wonderful day at home!  I have been in town both Monday and Tuesday so I am looking forward to today.  

I have a few orders to pack up and get to the post office and some household chores to do and with the help of my two youngest children we are going to tackle some weeds in the garden this afternoon.  As I was weeding the other day I thought to myself..  isn’t it funny, I have to nurture and take great care with my veggie plants, protecting them, feeding them and helping them along while the weeds (if left to themselves would destroy the garden) need no help at all to cause havoc..  I had to laugh a bit..  vegetable plants and weeds really paint some interesting life pictures.  They could be compared to our own lives or  raising children (nurturing and protecting) and the weeds themselves can be compared to sin in our life (if left to themselves the weeds destroy, with diligence the weeds are destroyed)..  Aww the quiet moments to think when doing tasks such as weeding!  ~smile~ 

Menu Planning
I have not been too good at menu planning lately.  We have had a several things come up that have made our life quite busy and dinner seems to be an afterthought.  I even forgot to post a July Menu Calendar and had several people email me to remind me.. LOL..  So I finally got that posted a couple weeks ago as well as the August (you can find my menu planning calendars here: .  One thing on my to-do list today is to get that menu calendar filled out!  When life gets the busiest that is when you really NEED to be working with a good plan.

Now to come up with a few new and interesting meal ideas.  I actually am not a real fan of variety and trying new things in the kitchen.  Not because I don’t like doing that (I do!) but because doing what I know and am familiar with is way more efficient for my time and money. When I repeat a lot of the meals we eat I know what to shop for and what I need to do.

All that to say when life gets busy it is not the time for me to play around in the kitchen too much..  but a little is in order to keep things interesting.  I always love finding some good tasting, frugal, healthy meal combination!  That is a hard category to fit food into nowadays! If I come up with anything real yummy I will share it with you! :)

So far tonight’s menu is pizza.  I have not made homemade pizza in several weeks and my son Jacob requested it and tonight seems like a good night for it.  

Printing Coupons On Line
Does anyone do this?  I just recently tried it out.  I had to download a little coupon printing program which took about 10 seconds and then printed my coupon.  Typically I really honestly don’t find a lot of stuff that I want when I look through coupons.   I don’t buy pre packaged foods and it seems like there are a ton of those coupons out there.  I don’t buy things like napkins, paper towels, Kleenex, etc..  So often it is a waste of my time to coupon shop. 

However the other day I found a great coupon on line that gave me $5.00 off some Scrubbing Bubbles (I would give the link but the coupon expired)..  The product cost $6.44 from Walmart and I used my coupon.  I was pretty pleased with what I got for $1.44.  Because I make several of my own cleaners often those types coupons don’t apply either, but gee.. $5.00 off was just a deal I could not pass up.  But I started using Scrubbing Bubbles for my bathroom tub and I am amazed at what a fantastic job it’s doing.  

Now I have a couple more coupons I printed from Targets website this morning so we will see if I actually remember to use them when I go shopping.. LOL..  a Coupon Queen I will never be..  :)

That’s all from the Homestead today.. hope you all have a great Wednesday! 


  1. This is a great post. I'm no good at menu planning, but that will have to change because funds are limited and I like to eat and save money at the same time...LOL :) :) My first goal is to make a calendar...each month...with all the dates and days marked out...decorate it real pretty..and then mark when all the bills are due etc...I need a visual, because it helps me keep things in perspective.

    Oh, I don't print out coupons because I don't have a printer..but a lot of my friends do that and they save lots of money. I use coupons and doublers when available. I've found some great deals on some a deodorant stick for $0.19..Rubbermaid storage containers for free after coupons and doublers.. so occasionally it works really well..but I'm like you, I don't really buy any prepackaged foods and I never buy Kleenex etc. Are you familiar with The Coupon Mom website? That is run by Stephanie Nelson. She does lots of guests spots on tv..She's phenomenal.I have both her books too and she's great!! Lots of great tips. There's another site called "The Grocery Shrink" that's also good. I just joined that one...

    Anyway, can you tell I love coupons and saving money? :) :) :) Have a great Wednesday, too!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. Enjoy the pizza. It looks really, really good..It's my favorite meal!!!

  2. Thanks for those websites Heather!! I will check them out. Sounds like you have found some really good deals.. :) good luck with your menu planning this month!

  3. mmmmm, that pizza looks deeev-oh. Sounds like you're having some nice days!! :)

  4. The pizza looks great! A friend also informed me recently that Target allows you to double coupons to make it even more worth-your-while. You can use one manufacturer's coupon plus one Target coupon (from their website) on one item-- so ideally you could buy shampoo ($3 originally) for $1 if you had 1-$1 mfg cpn + 1-$1 Target coupon. I also check out

  5. Mmmmm.......PIZZA! :> )


  6. Crystal,

    Hm pizza is a family fave here too!! I also get burnt out of the same old thing but my kids and dh love the same stuff and shy away from new ideas for meals.

    I also wanted to second what Amber said about matching a target coupon with a mfg coupon to get an item super cheap!! I love that they do that its great to save save save!!


  7. Hi Crystal,
    I always enjoy reading your blog so much. Sure hope all is well with you and your dear family. I think of you often and have you in my prayers.
    Love you my friend,

  8. Hi Crystal,
    Yippee! You joined Blogspot. Now I can get regular updates. :-) Yes, I started printing coupons off of the internet last year when Kevin became disabled and our income dropped drastically. I learned how to 'stack' coupons at the drug stores like Walmart/CVS/Rite Aid to get free items (except for tax). It's been a lifesaver when it comes to saving money. I get free shampoo, toothbrushes,dental floss, razors, body soap, cold medicine, aspirin.. and lots more.:-)



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