Trim the Budget: Sandwiches.. again..

I know I have done a “trim the budget” on making economical sandwiches in the past. Anyone who missed that blog post can find it here:  
But I have a new sandwich for today… A Ham Sandwich.. which is not that new, but I was pretty excited by my latest stash of sandwich meat in the freezer.. which of course was ham..

I bought a 6lb ham from Costco.

I cut off about 2lbs to use for sandwiches. I ran this through my food processor until I had small pieces (not ground up, just chopped small).

I put one cup of this meat into each freezer bag. One cup will make about 4 sandwiches is what hubby takes to work each week (one sandwich a day times 4 days). When I was done I had enough sandwich meat for 8 weeks.. not, bad… :)

One of the cups of ham I put in a small bowl to make into sandwich meat for this weeks lunch. I chopped up a bit of onion and added that and some mayo to the my lunch meat..



Then it was time to make his sandwich. I had leftover hamburger buns that I had made from a sloppy joe dinner. I use my oatmeal dinner roll recipe for the hamburger buns and you can find it here:  I get 16 buns from that recipe. I toasted the bread, spread a bit of may on it and add some swiss cheese..

Then the sandwich filling….

Then a tomato slice and lettuce (from my garden :) and my sandwich was done….

Hubs said it was very yummy….

A couple of weeks ago I cooked a roast beef and ended up with 5 weeks of sandwich meat from that, this coming week I will cook up a large chicken and should end up with about 5 weeks.. and added to my now 7 weeks of ham lunch meat.. I think by the time I am done with that I won’t be having to think about my hubby’s lunch meat stock in the freezer until next year… haa.. haa…


  1. Great! Since my Hubs doesn't need lunches for work anymore, I forget about sandwiches for lunch when he's home. Thanks for the reminder! So easy to forget the obvious. ~Liz

  2. mmm, looks yummy, and what a good idea. Always looking for inspiration for lunches. My mom added a little ground pickle to her mix, too.

  3. So are the "sandwich whisperer" make amazing tasty things out of thin air :) :) :) I think this is great. I always LOVE reading good budget tips to feed people :) :) This is a great idea!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Very nice! When they are on sale for under a dollar a pound, I buy a pork butt roast. I cook it in my large crockpot set on low until it is falling apart. I take off the layer of fat and set that aside for other uses and the meat I pull apart into little pieces, and add barbecue sauce. Then I flash freeze 1/2 cup potions of this and the put them, 2 in each package, into foodsaver bags and them put THEM into large freezer bags. That way I can take out enough for two sandwiches for us, and they are also handy to have if I need to make a quick meal for a family in need. I LOVE this way of saving money, time, and having nice things ready to eat!

  5. Hi Crystal! I just recently happened upon your blog and I'm truly enjoying catching up on your past posts.

    Thanks for sharing so much useful information with us. All the best to you and your family. xo~m

  6. How do you freeze it and how long does the meat last in the freezer? Do you freeze your large ham too? Just wondered, thanks for your sites I just love them!

  7. Hi Kimberly.. to freeze: I put my little zip lock baggies of ham lunch meat in the freezer :). Couldn't be more simple~ The bags will last several months. For the bigger hams I cut the ham up in chunks or slices and freeze it for any planned meals.


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