Green Beans Again and Again..

In the last week I was able to get all my green beans picked and processed. Well, there are still a few growing but those will be used for eating now. The rest have been canned up. I got two more really good size pickings.

Here was the second picking along with my cheerful helpers who helped me to snap them…

I made a second batch of 3 Bean Salad and again got 12 quarts (technically it was 6 quarts and 12 pints worth).

Then I did the third picking last Tuesday…

While this picking was not as big as the last ones it still yielded me 11 quarts of canned beans..

I am happy that I am off to such a productive start to my canning season. I am
hopeful that tomatoes will be next. My 35 tomato plants are loaded with lots of
tomatoes, but for now they are pretty much all green.. so the question is, will
the warm summer weather hang around here long enough for my tomatoes to ripen? We will see… :)


  1. have been busy!
    Sadly, our green beans and tomatoes have not done well this year. I believe it was the long wet spring we had. Maybe next year!
    What a blessing for your family in the coming months!


  2. Are your children really THAT happy to help? I remember snapping beans with our 6 and it was not their favorite activity for sure. But we got it done. How nice.

  3. Nadine, I know my garden is not doing as well as it has in some areas due to our wet cool spring.. And yes! Maybe next year will be a bit drier and warmer! :)

    Yolanda, I am sure they were hamming it up a bit! LOL.. but overall they all have good attitudes about helping with the tasks at home..

  4. Wow! Here in SW Ohio, my garden is about wrapped up for the year, and yours is still so pretty and green! It has been a dry August here, so everything is turning brown quickly. I also froze lots of green beans, and canned tons of tomatoes. My corn didn't do well with the lack of rain, but I was able to salvage some. Your garden is beautiful and I enjoy reading about your homestead! Please drop by and visit my family at our homestead! .

  5. Wow , you are lucky !!!
    We had a lot I mean a lot of rain this year , so all my garden is flooded ..imagine , I am in Mexico , and weather has been bad. Hope next year I will se my beans , tomatoes and potatoes.
    It´s really nice to read about your homestead , and I am learning a lot !
    thanks Crystal , I just ordered the managing a home and the freezer e books , the one about the bread is just great !!! My family is enjoying real bread now
    Gloria Estrada
    Jalisco , México


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