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Today is slightly overcast with the promise that some of it may burn off, we will see.  In any case it is not raining or cool so it will be a perfect afternoon to get out in the garden.  I have been trying to get to some weeding done for the last few days but life has been busy, busy.  The kids and I have kept up with the watering and I weed some as we water.  We have to water by hand right now.  I have a spring near the garden that we use to water but because there is not a lot of elevation from the spring pond to the garden, I can’t use sprinklers.  And because it is a pond with pond debris in it, I can’t use soaker hoses.. they get plugged up.  So we water with watering cans until the plants are bigger and then we use PVC pipe and do “ditch irrigation” along the side of the rows.  The system works quite well. 

Tobin is working on Emily’s little red Jetta again today.  There was some problem with the back wheel and he has been fixing that and taking care of other car maintenance at the same time.  Emily asked the yesterday, “What do people who don’t have dads to take care of their cars do?”.  We both chuckled at this and said..  “They have to take their cars to a mechanic and pay for repairs”.    As she is thinking about life on her own one day I think she had even more of an appreciation on how well her dad takes care of her.     I will say that in over 25 years of life with my man I have never had to worry about having car issues while out and about.  He is so incredibly responsible in keeping up with car maintenance (he even has a spread sheet to keep track of when and what he does on all our vehicles)..  I think it is the aircraft mechanic in him (airplane mechanics is all about scheduled maintenance).   

Leanne is now home and I have all my chicks back in the nest for a bit.  She was house sitting and caring for Miss Margaret (the little 90+ year old lady she watches while her son and his wife vacation).  I always miss her when she is gone.  She was gone for a week and last night was so happy to be home.  She is homebody just like her mom . 

Jacob and Sierra are working to finish up the last of their schooling.. should be done with it all very soon.  Testing should be this month.  I need to call the lady who does this for us and see when it will be.  Then we will officially be done with the school year.   

Yesterday Sierra and I made 4 gallons of my granola.  Hopefully that will last us for a month or so!  

Today on my to-do list I have my regular Wednesday chores, laundry, and dinner preps.  I am going to make an Oriental Chicken Salad for dinner and maybe some bread sticks or dinner rolls to go with it.  I also need to make up some more kefir. Granola and kefir smoothies make a great summertime breakfast.  After the to-do list is done I will head to the garden.   

Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday on your Homesteads!! 


  1. Sounds great! We've been busy on our farm as well, there's never a dull moment is there? Love the Blog... God Bless.

    - Christina

    Snowbound Farms


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