Grocery Haul for Two

Good Afternoon!

This week I only needed to make a quick run to Winco. If it wasn't for fresh foods I could have even skipped the trip.. oh wait, I needed half & half!  Nope, I had to go :D

I still had quite a few veggies so I only picked up some spinach for salads. I also grabbed my weekly fruit, and a bag of tortilla chips. 

For the pantry I picked up diced tomatoes, pickles and some taco shells. The diced tomatoes were on sale for .58 cents a can, which is a good price in my area. 

And finally I picked up my half & half, a couple yogurts, milk and some frozen french fries and a bag of hash browns (which I didn't realize I had cut the bottom of them out of the picture :).

That was all I needed for my week. It pays to have a well stocked pantry and freezer so not every week is a big expense. 

Total from Winco and grand total for the week:



  1. That is a great haul for a great price. I paid more than that this week. But then I made potato salad to take to my sister's cookout and Joe got two boxes of Coke Zero as his contribution (12 cans to a box). I also needed eggs, rice, fish and cat food. And of course the makings for a cake to take to church this Sunday. It's my turn to bring the treat.

    1. Kathy, I have weeks that are much higher! And when you run out of things and need to provide food for other events.. the price always goes up. 😊 My goal is the average.. so expensive weeks hopefully get balanced by inexpensive weeks 😀
      Crystal 😊


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