Turkey Breast in the Instant Pot

I decided to gently step into this fall season with a meal that had a fall-ish feel to it. I bought a turkey breast, boneless, and cooked it in my Instant Pot. I really could not believe how moist it was. Usually turkey breast is dry (at least to me) and not always my favorite part of the turkey. But a pressure cooked turkey breast is so incredibly moist. It was devoured in no time.

I bought my turkey breast at Costco. It was a Butterball in the frozen section. I started opening it up and thought.. I should take a pic of it in case anyone looks for them. So it is a little wrinkled in picture but it will give you an idea of what it looks like...

The turkey comes with a gravy packet as well. I poured the gravy packet into the IP stainless steel pot and added 1 cup of water. I sprinkled a little salt, pepper and garlic over the turkey and put it in the pot. I left the netting that is on the breast on so it would be easier to remove from the pot. It came off very easily when it was done cooking. I chopped up one small onion and put that in there as well...

I put the lid on and set the top knob to “Sealing”....

I pressed the “Poultry” button (you could also use “Manual”. The other settings have preset times on them but they all pressure cook)..

And adjusted the time for 30 minutes. I will also mention my turkey breast was completely defrosted. When it was done cooking I let the pressure release naturally for about 15 minutes and then turned the knob on the top to “Venting” and finished releasing the pressure.

While my turkey breast was cooking I pulled out some frozen cranberries from the freezer (from last year) and made a ½ batch of my cranberry sauce. My family loves turkey and cranberries together.

Here is what I had when it was done cooking...

I sliced it up and served it!! I thickened the juices in the pot for anyone wanting a little gravy as well over the turkey. I was going to make mashed potatoes but I had leftover macaroni & cheese in my fridge that I wanted eaten up so I served that with it. And I added green beans to complete the meal.

As I said.. it was sooo good and a nice start to this fall season!


  1. Crystal, What a great post. I also love my instant pot! Tonight I am making a turkey breast for the first time. I was pleased when I found this post. The recipe I am using calls for 3 cups OJ, whole cranberry sauce, and onion soup. Sounds odd and wonderful at the same time.

    1. Your recipe sounds amazing!! I hope it turned out well..

  2. Hi, was your turkey breast boneless

    1. Yes Lisa it was a boneless turkey breast.

  3. Thank you for the post! Received an Instant Pot as a gift and just happened to have the Costco Butterball Turkey as well! It's cooking as we speak! :)

  4. So glad I found this post! I wasn't at all sure how to IP my roast. Thank you!

  5. How big was the roast? I have a 3 lb one that I bought at Publix, but it seems everything is usually bigger at Costco ;-)

  6. I've thought of buying an instant pot. Which model do you have? Are you happy with it?


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