Monday, February 22, 2016

Menu Monday!

This last week I made beef bone broth in the crockpot and plan to use some of it this week. Due to the fact it was nice and concentrated I ended up freezing it in 1 cup portions. It is perfect to add to soups to boost nutritional value and give flavor.

I also made a small batch of chicken stock in the crockpot using the chicken leg bones from our meal last week. I currently have had it in the crockpot since yesterday morning. This afternoon I'll strain it, add more water and a couple of chicken breasts and let this simmer. Then I'll shred the meat and add and some noodles for chicken noodle soup. I'll serve a nice salad and some muffins or biscuits on the side.

The rest of week is looking like this...

I'll cook the beans with a portion of my bone broth. Then add the cooked hamburger & onions and spices after the beans are cooked. Cornbread and a salad will be served on the side.

Garlic Butter Chicken
I had this on my menu last week and it did not get made. I realized I also have a little shrimp in the freezer. I plan to use both chicken and shrimp. I'll saute garlic and onions in butter, add the cut up chicken and shrimp. Saute until they are cooked, add a little spinach and some angel hair pasta. I'll serve broccoli along with this.

Pork Chops
Baked pork chops served with mashed potatoes and gravy. I'll use the rub I bought from Costco for the pork chops and use some of the bone stock to flavor the gravy.

That should do it for the week!


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