Garden Season 2016!

It is way to early to even think of planting anything in my garden. But it is never to early to dream about this years garden and buy seeds. I was at the hardware store with my hubby and picked up a few packets of seeds.

One of those seed packs was cabbage seeds.

I now have a my cabbage seeds planted and I'm excited for spring to arrive and get them in ground.

I'm having a much smaller garden this year so I only planted a few seeds. We'll see how many come up and how many I end up transplanting.

I planted each teeny tiny seed in the my smallest pots...

Several years ago my hubby made me a little greenhouse box that is in his shop. It is very simple, 4 sides, a back and plastic that covers the front. Shop lights hang across the box. I put my planted seeds on a larger tray and put them in the box under the lights..

Then I put a plastic greenhouse dome over the top...

I cover this with a towel so it is dark (just for the germination process). The towel holds in the heat that the lights give.

Then I pull down the plastic cover to keep it nice and warm...

Now to wait until the little seeds start popping up!! I'll keep you posted with updates on my garden journey this year!



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