My Daughter Arrived Safe and Sound

What a crazy week.  It was lots of last minute details getting Leanne ready to leave for S. Korea.  Packing, checking items off her list, weighing the suitcases, deciding what to leave behind, visiting family one last time, spending as much time with her as we could…  and then very early Friday morning we took her to the airport.  We stayed and watched as she went through security and waved “good bye” one last time.  I thought I would hold it together..  but the tears came.  It was hard to watch her walk away and know I won’t see her for a year.

We came home and it was little melancholy for all us during the day.  We kept busy with household stuff and I got my hubby off to work in the evening.  During the day we were watching her flight progress online.  The internet is amazing in so many ways.  Her first stop was San Francisco.  Her layover was only 2 hours and she had to go through security again.  Her first flight was delayed by a half hour so she had no time to let me know she had arrived.  She did not have a cell phone as her plans were to get one after she got to S. Korea.  She did have her laptop, but no time to talk.  She boarded her Asiana Air flight at 12:00 in the afternoon and then had a 12 hour flight.  Her plane landed in Seoul at 12:am our time, 6:pm S. Korea time.  Then it was customs, and someone from the school picking her up. 

I waited all morning to hear from her.  Finally at around 3:30 this afternoon I heard from her.  She was safe and sound and at a hotel resting.  That wait nearly did me in!!  It was so hard to go all those hours and not hear from her or hear if everything was all right.  I prayed a lot and just trusted that the Lord was watching out for her.  And He was!! 

She starts a week of training on Monday morning (our Sunday afternoon).  Not a lot of time to recover from jet lag.  But I know she will do fine.  I will be happy when she is in her apartment and is settled into her new routine (and I know she will be too!). 

That’s all from the homestead for now..  soon life here at home will settle down and we will start working on “normal” again..  :)


  1. I have been following your blog for over 4 years now. It's inspired me in so many ways! When I started reading you only had the one grandbaby and only Carolyn was married. It's been so cool to see Richard and Emily marry their spouses, hear about Hannah's births, see Leanne travel the world, watch the younger boys grow so tall, and see Sierra's beautiful photography! I came here to learn more about Titus 2, and feel so privileged that I've gotten to follow your family and see how God is working to shape your children into mature adults in Jesus' image! Thank you, Crystal!

    1. Awww.. how sweet.. thank you so much for this comment.. it means a lot to me. I love to blog and share my life in hopes it encourages others.. Crystal :)

  2. So glad she arrived safely and you were able to speak to her, I can only imagine that worry and waiting. So glad things went well!! Best of luck to her, will be looking forward to hearing about her adventures!!!


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