This Week’s Menu

Hamburger Veggie Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, garlic roasted brussel sprouts, salad
Pizza, salad
Split pea soup w/ham bone, dinner rolls, salad
Jambalaya, salad
Southwest Stew, cornbread, salad
Chicken pot pie, salad 


  1. Sounds like good WARM foods for COLD days!

  2. Happy New Year Crystal!
    I'm finally delurking after years of dropping by :). I love your menu ideas, it's wonderful inspiration and Ive printed up quite a few of your recipes.
    Mondays are soup night at my house-quick, easy and warm. That's the kind of winter meal I love!

  3. My mother always made meatloaf with the same ingredients, though she added crackers or oatmeal to stretch the meat a little more. I never knew this was "different" until I got on my own. Good menu!

  4. I've noticed that you have salad on your menu often. Is this lettuce you grow? I have a terrible time finding lettuce at the store that I'm satisfied with; many times I don't buy any because it doesn't look fit to eat. Also, how do your vary the salads so you don't get bored?

  5. HI Monica! During the summer months when I do grow lettuce I use my own. The rest of the year I buy it from Costco. I buy packages of "hearts of romaine" and I buy either spinach or a mix of spring greens and spinach. I add lots of veggies to my salads.. grated carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms.. etc.. I like to think of salad as a great way to get lots of good quality veggies into my family's diet..

    Crystal :)

  6. Sharon.. your mama was a smart mama!! I just recently started adding veggies to my meatloaf and love it!! :)


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