Memorable Happy 18th Birthday to Jacob!

Yesterday was Jacob’s 18th birthday. We woke up covered in a thick blanket of snow and no power. Tobin and I had to go into town to take care of a few necessary things and had to put chains on the car to get down the driveway and down to the main highway, then he pulled over and took them off. They had plowed, but it was still slow going. The city was just fine, mostly just rain. What little snow they had gotten was already melted.

I kept calling home to see if the power had come back on. At one point Jacob called the PUD (Tobin had already called them once in the morning) and they said they were still working on it. It was almost 6:pm when we got home and still now power. At that point it had been 13 hours. All our other neighbors had power but we did not, so Tobin called again only to be told that they thought they were done and had moved onto the next town! We were pretty frustrated.. but at times.. what can you do?? So we hooked up the batteries/inverters and had a little light, and could plug in our modem and router briefly and we got the camping lanterns lit and then started the barbeque. I had originally planed a Mexican Fiesta dinner for Jacob’s birthday.. but that wasn’t going to happen.. so we had bbq’d hamburgers instead! Since the day was so crazy I (or one of my girls) had not been able to bake a cake for Jacob.. instead we got very creative…

The whole evening turned out to be so much fun.. We spent our time together talking, laughing, and just having a great time.

Happy Birthday to my son Jacob! This was for certain his most memorable birthday ever!

Oh.. we did get our power restored at about 1:am.. 20 hours later…


  1. Yikes, that's a long time to be without power. I am glad that you were able to have a fun time anyway :) :) I love the idea of having a party by lantern light...and a Twinkie cake? Really cool :) :) :) Happy 18th Birthday to your son :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Yes, Happy Frozen 18th Birthday to Jacob

  3. You had twinkies in your house?! I am shocked!!! Lol ;)

    1. Haa..haa!! Yes they are twinkies! LOL.. desperate times call for desperate measures! Crystal :)

    2. been following your blog for years ... thinking all the "healthy" and "organic" and "best for my family" has been more for show than in practice ... twinkies are some of the most unhealthy, fluorescent foods out there and you just happened to have them lying around???

    3. Anon.. LOL.. no they weren't lying around.. my hubby actually bought them when we were out in town.. felt like it would be a fun thing to do under the circumstances... because we don't have food like this, so it was just for making memories.. :) It certainly is fun when you can do something so simple for your kids and they think it is a big deal.. just added to our fun night..

      Crystal :)

    4. Hey Anon, this is Leanne, Crystal's 20 year old daughter, and I can say that my mother has been very healthy for as long as I can remember. Twinkies are rarely ever in the house, or any food of that kind, and so it was fun to be out of the ordinary. On a side note, you're right: twinkies are awful for you but, as a young adult, I suppose there are worse things out there for me than a twinkie once every ten years. I'm not sure how great a use of time it is to be ripping on someone for having a twinkie. However, next time there are twinkies in the house I will suggest we throw them at each other instead of eating them ;) It might be more fun as we each only got one anyway lol!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful, fun evening. Happy birthday to your son. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  5. I love it when the electric goes off(a plight often experienced in the rural area).
    Yes, it is so much fun, lighting candles, my horde of kerosene lamps. No one worries about dishes and laundry when the power is out (as if "everyone" does anyhow but me - a temp vacation!!)

  6. Glad your son's 18th birthday turned out to be a good one despite the challenges! Happy Birthday Jacob:)


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