27 Years!

On July 1st Tobin and I celebrated 27 years of marriage!  We have known each other for 31 years.  I was 16 and he was 18 when we met.  Life with my husband has been a wonderful journey.  With any journey there are ups and downs and smooth sailing and bumpy waters.  I don’t think anyone has a perfect marriage..  but marriage is not about perfection.  It is about growing, learning, loving, sharing and staying connected.   And we certainly have enjoyed the process..  :)

I love my hubby and it has been a great 27 years!  I thank God for His blessings in our lives..


  1. Happy 27th Anniversary! We'll be celebrating our 10th in August...I can't believe we'll be in the double digits...my how time flies! God bless the years to come!

  2. happy anniversary, Crystal! We just celebrated 23 years. you are right, it's not easy, but it is worth it.

  3. Happy anniversary - My dh & I were 16 & 18 too when we got together. Totally agree with your description of a happy successful marriage!
    Love Leanne

  4. Happy Anniversary!! So nice to know another couple loving each other through thick and thin.
    jean @ thecottageonpilgrimsfarm

  5. Congratulations! Sounds very similar to my own experience. Praise be to Jesus for sending us our God fearing spouses! Have a blessed day!

  6. Congratulations! You look so very happy together. Enjoy your day.

  7. Congratulations! My Hubby and I just reached 20 years in early June. :)

  8. Big congratulations! And you are correct there is no perfect marriage or perfect anything for that matter. Wouldn't it be boring if there were?

    We are working on 40 come October.

  9. Happy (late) anniversary greetings Crystal! I loved what you wrote. I hope you had a beautiful day!

  10. Holly ( from SC)July 13, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    Happy Anniversary!!( sorry,greetings alittle late)27 years.. What a blessing! Prayers for many many many more!!


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