Updates from the Homestead

I had big plans over the weekend to attack the kids’ bedroom closets.. but it never happened! LOL.. no sure why.. so it is still on the list. I did however get my hallway on the main floor all cleaned and dusted and a big shelf unit that I have there gone through and a lot of stuff purged. Slowly but surely I am getting through my cleaning and organizing goals for January!

We have a little red Jetta that my kids drive. My oldest daughter Carolyn started driving it, then my daughter Hannah, then it was passed down to Emily and now it is Leanne’s. However it now also has 273,000 miles on it! LOL.. so it is really starting to show its age with all the use. It had a big oil leak so Tobin took the car out of commission so he could work on it. He replaced the clutch (which would be due soon anyway), put new seals on the transmission and did a few other things. Then he found the main leak and discovered there was at least one broken piston ring. So the car is getting worn out and tired.. he said this morning he can fix the oil leak, but is not going to replace the piston rings and put that much time and money into the car. Leanne will still be able to drive it until it gives up. Then it will be time to replace it. It is times like this that I am thankful my hubby is a mechanic. The only reason the car has survived this long is because he takes care of it so well. His diesel Jetta (have I ever mentioned he is a real VW fan ;) .. has almost 400,000 miles on it!! :) And still going strong..

My daughter Emily just took a trip to Budapest Hungry.. and had a great time. I hope she blogs about it soon and shares some of her pictures. It has been fun keeping up with her on this European adventure. She also recently started Danish language classes and is challenged but she has always been a girl who loves a challenge!

Today Jacob is working for a neighbor for a few hours, and the younger kids are currently working on their school work and soon we will finish up the chores. Then Tobin and I are headed into town for our weekly date, which will include buying car parts.. after our Starbucks stop.. LOL..

Tomorrow is my son Jacob’s 17th birthday! I don’t know where the years go.. but they do fly by.

Tonight’s dinner is lasagna (supposed to be last night’s dinner but I made a pot roast instead because that was just sounding really good to me :) . Since I will be gone in the early evening time I already have it made and it is baking in the oven. We can reheat it at dinner time.

That is all from the homestead today! Hope you have a super productive start to the week!!


  1. Yeah for hubby's who can keep cars in good working order ;) :) I'm sure that it's helping the overall family budget too!!! I have been saying for the last week that I would organize the kitchen cupboard where I keep all pantry items. Today it will happen :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. my hubby's toyota corolla has over 400,000 miles on it and still going strong.
    Dayna Molloy

  3. We've owned two VW Jetta's in the past. We really got our money's worth. :-) You are blessed to have your own personal mechanic. (smile)

    Happy Birthday to your son. The years do fly by.

    Enjoy your date night with your hubby.

  4. Happy Birthday to Jacob!

    blessings, Ellen

  5. Sounds good! Wow, a happy birthday to Jacob! I feel like Leanne just turned 17 - how far apart are they in months? 18?

  6. Cozy Seaside, Leanne turned 19 on her last birthday.. and her and Jacob are about 2 1/2 years apart.. time does fly by quick!! :)

  7. just want to know where you get all your really cute clip art!!

  8. Hi Crystal,
    It's always so nice reading about your days on your beautiful homestead.

    Sure hope Jacob had a great birthday.

    I learned a little Danish from our Danish son...tell Emily this:

    Jeg elsker dig!! ( I love you )

    Jeg savner jer!! ( I miss you )

    Love ya friend,

  9. Ha.. Haa!! Thanks Cathy!! Love it.. I will have to send her an email with my newly learned Danish! :)

  10. I think Miss Emily will love it.

    Love to you my friend,

  11. Wouldn't that be Budapest, HungAry?

  12. ha, haa!! Yes it would be.. guess I write to many cooking blog posts! LOL..

  13. I am glad to see that 400,000 on the diesel Jetta - we have one that is pressing 300,000 and I like to think it will last forever!! :) They told us we had to replace the transmission for around $5000, but my hubby got online and fixed it for less than $300!!! It is QUITE nice to have a husband who can fix things!! So enjoy your blog :)

  14. I have seen your blog several times over the past few years and each time i read it, well, I am a bit jealous. My family consists of a husband of 23 years and six children of which four are still at home, the other two are in college. You seem to have life under control and accomplish so much. I wish for the discipline that you have. Your site is peaceful and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.


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