My Basement Clean and Organize Project!

I got it done! I cleaned up my storage area in the basement. I have a bunch of stuff to take to Good Will and I was able to throw away things as well. It feels great. When I went downstairs to start this little project I forgot to take my camera. My mind was focused on the task at hand. But I did take an after picture of the storage tote area. I keep my storage items in Rubbermaid totes that I label and stack against one wall in the basement. It was terribly chaotic and afterward I did wish I had taken a before picture! In any case here is what it looks like all cleaned up…

Now, I also have a table that is 8 feet long and has 2 shelves. It sits next to my stacked totes. I store bigger items on this table. I store a lot of soap making oils and equipment as well as other items. It too was very chaotic looking. Things had been piled on the table, set on the floor in front of it and so on.. I was brave enough to take a before picture! LOL.. It is funny to me that I got so many comments from people about my bravery to put before pics up.. Well first off it is one way to show that I am just real! LOL.. and it is also meant to help encourage someone to tackle a job they lacked the motivation to do! :)

So here is the before pic….

And the after pics…

Nice change, if I do say so myself….

So how does it happen I let this area get so out of hand? I was asking myself this question over the weekend while I was attacking this project… and I know the answer. I function by priorities.. First of all at the top of the list my house has to function.. you know, people fed, laundry done, school work done. Then comes my home.. the areas that we live in and need to function in daily.. I need to keep those areas cleaned, orderly, and functioning.. Lastly on my list are closets and storage areas and other relatively unseen areas of my house. After raising 8 kids my favorite saying is “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”! Meaning if it is something that has my attention I will deal with it first.. like hungry people, dirty laundry, messy house, etc… However nowadays, I do have my storage area on my yearly schedule; because every year it seems to get like this. So every January I go through this process. Ultimately, maybe when I don’t have kids at home, I will be able to keep up on it better.. maybe.. ;) In the meantime, I am now motivated to tackle the upstairs (kids rooms) closets.. another unseen (at least by me) area of the house that is on my January schedule. …



  1. I love it! Don't you feel "cleansed" after a BIG project like that? I have the same problem, I do what is in front of me (and tend to dump it in the unseen areas). Kuddos to you and thanks for posting the before and afters. Proof we can overcome! LOL

  2. Definitely nicer! Doesn't that feel good?! I love to stand back and see the "after" when doing a major cleanup job. With the bins, it should be easier to keep order.

  3. Wow !! You did a great job on that area.

    Now I am needing to tackle my washroom/pantry... It was suppose to be just a washroom but I had to start using it as a pantry also a few years ago. The shelves are a mess and I need to change things around. This will also include me tackling the kitchen cabinets in order to have everything right, lol...

    Just wanted to let you know that posted some links to you in my post today. I wanted to give credit where credit is due for my posting.

    Thanks for all you do here for us !

  4. Hope, Joy & Faith.. yes it feels great!! :)

    Pilgrimscottage.. Every time I go downstairs now I first stop and admire it all.. LOL..

    Pat, I did my laundry room/pantry area last summer and posted before and after pics.. If you can find that blog post, it may give you some ideas on getting your area organized.. :) Good luck with your project!!

  5. I also take care of the "squeaky wheel" first, so I totally understand that. It is really nice to see before pictures, it reminds me that you are in fact "real"! Thank you for sharing, not only all the recipes and great posts, but also for sharing the imperfect things in your life as well.

  6. Great Job, looks it feels great too, like it too, learned that less is more, so I've done some sorting and cleaning too, but like to do some .....

    thanks for sharing

  7. Should be truly taken up as a project.there is a lot of space that can be utilized in the basement instead ti becomes a dirt and fungus breeding ground which gives rise to various health problems.

  8. I love your newsletter and blog. Thanks so much for these organizational ideas and especially your before and after pics and your pic instructions on recipes. Loved this one you did on cleaning your basement areas. I too store things in my basement in the large plastic totes. Would you give us some ideas for what you store in your totes? I am always looking for ideas for these. Thanks!


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