Super Easy Kefir Smoothie

Finally I can say summer is here. Yesterday my thermometer read 91 degrees.. aww.. gotta love it; at least I do, my garden does and my kids do too..

One of my favorite things to make during hot summer afternoons when the kids come in hungry is a smoothie. They are quick, make a minimal mess, don’t heat up the kitchen and they are healthy!!
I make my smoothies with kefir. I make kefir from a powdered culture. Kefir is a cultured milk product much like yogurt, only it is thinner than yogurt (like thick buttermilk in consistency) and much, much easier to make. I have step by step instructions with pictures on how to make kefir right here:

So for yesterday’s smoothie I combined about 3 cups kefir with 2 bananas that really needed to be used up and two big spoonfuls of organic peanut butter in my blender. I added some honey and mixed it all up. Then I added some ice cubes to make it cold and thick. I poured by boys (they were the only kids I had home yesterday afternoon) a big glass full and they loved it. They had seconds and then went back outside to continue on with their day..

You can make a kefir smoothie with any fruit, a little sweetener (like honey) and then add some ice. 

If you would like a recipe, I have a few here: Some of the smoothies listed have milk and yogurt in them and you can sub kefir for both.


  1. Good Morning. Just a couple of questions: when making the second batch of kefir using the first as a starter, you don't need to warm the milk before adding it to the jar? Second, you mentioned using kefir instead of buttermilk in baking - are there occasions when you wouldn't substitute kefir for the buttermilk? Third, I've strained/drain my HM yogurt to make a thicker yogurt like Greek yogurt or to make yogurt cheese; can you do this with kefir? Thank you so much.

  2. Hi, I love reading your blog! I was wondering how long the Kefir will last after you make it. Do you refrigerate it after the time is up or just keep it in your pantry?

  3. oh my goodness, I LOVE kefir and I ADORE kefir smoothies. Anyone who hasn't made them is missing out on a delicious treat. ;) :D :D

  4. HI Tracy, No you don't have to warm the milk up.. it is very easy to reculture. I have not found an occasion where I would not sub the kefir for buttermilk. Since kefir is thinner than yogurt it is a little harder to drain. You could try it, I have not done that.. I have only drained yogurt and of course cheese when I make it.

    Hi Jill.. Well, we go through it pretty quickly so it never really sits that long. I would guess it would be fine for 2 or 3 weeks. As soon as the kefir is done culturing it needs to be stored in the fridge.

    Hi MissEmy.. :) I agree!! :)

  5. I'm glad someone else likes kefir... I love kefir milk and grew up drinking it as a kid. I lived in Southern California at the time. My motehr and I would go to Alta Dena dairy store.. You could walk in or they had a drive through...if you can believe that, for all their yummy dairy products. Mom bought kefir milk a lot!!! I loved it then and I love it today :) :)

  6. This is so strange. Yesterday I needed to make a new batch of Kefir and wanted to get your directions. I had to go looking on your past posts to get them. Which was kinda fun-rereading them. Anyway I made it yesterday and this morning there it is on your blog. Wow. I have been making kefir ever since I read about it on your blog and we love it. Thanks for introducing it to me and my family. God bless.

  7. I love kefir and just got the motivation I needed to go ahead and order more starter! I can't wait to get it and try your banana/peanut smoothie, it sounds delicious! :)

  8. Your answers for Tracy and Jill answered some of my questions but I have a couple more. I started making Kefir not too long ago from your recipe and I still have questions. The packet (yogourmet) I found at our local health food store are 5g and say to use a quart of milk. How does that compare to your packet and gallon of milk in your recipe? Also how would I know if what I made is a good product or bad? It seemed to have to sit longer to get thick. After it cultures you said you had it ready in the morning then do you refrigerate it for 8 hours then serve it? Love your website and I have to say your bean burgers are the best!
    Thanks Suzi

  9. Hi Suzi, I make kefir with cultures I buy from One batch of cultures is enough to make one gallon of kefir. If I was using any other brand of cultures I would follow the directions given on the package. If it is thick and does not smell soured then it is good, never had a batch that was not good or did not turn out. Some batches take a little longer to get thick than others. A lot will depend on the temps in your kitchen. If it is warm, it will usually culture faster than if the house/kitchen is cool and sometimes it just depends on the brand of cultures you buy. I buy all my cultures for cheese and kefir and yogurt from Leeners. I have had the best experience with them. I do refrigerate it before we use it.. we like cold smoothies. Glad you like the bean burgers!! We enjoy them too..


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