Fall Pics and Baking


Fall is definitely here on the homestead!  The leaves are changing and falling off the trees.  We have had several days of dry and beautiful weather.  I took a few pics yesterday morning to share…


Last night Sierra and I decided to bake an apple pie.  She peeled apples while I made the pie crust.  I used my favorite Bosch pie crust recipe.  I have 3 crusts leftover so I will be making some more pies this weekend!  I used my favorite apple pie recipe and Emily stopped and picked up vanilla ice cream on her way home last night..  it was yummy!  But now the pie is gone.. except for one piece I managed to save for Tobin.  He will enjoy his apple pie and ice cream later this morning..


What kind of fall baking has been going on in your kitchen??




  1. Your fall photos are beautiful! I've been baking more bread than usual now that's it getting cooler, and like you, apple pies! I like to assemble several apple pies ahead and freeze them, then they are ready to pull out and bake whenever my husband wants one! Thanks for sharing your homesteading life!

  2. Crystal you live in some beautiful country!!!!!! Our trees are about done.. The leaves are everywhere on the ground.. I have been baking sweet breads. Like banana bread, applesauce bread and cranberry bread.. Will be doing some pies here too.. Like strawberry rhubarb.. Thanks for sharing the pics..


  3. Those trees are so beautiful! Ours are just starting to turn as well. I LOVE fall. Looking at that pie has inspired me to make an aple cobbler. I LOVE autumn!


    Amanda <><

    Matthew 6:33


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