Menu Monday!

Good Morning!
I was still getting into the swing of things this last week and didn't take pics of all my meals. But I got enough to do this post! :)

Last week I started off by making some pork chops in the crockpot. I added a can of cream of mushroom soup, a packet of brown gravy mix and about a cup and a half of chicken broth. I served these over brown rice and had a salad on the side. I did not, however get a picture of this yummy meal.  We enjoyed this for 2 nights.

After that Hubby was ready for a BBQ again. We bbq'd some burgers. My grandson was at my daughter's house so it was only the 2 of us eating. I also was finishing up the last of the leftovers from our family get together, which included some potato salad, green salad and corn. 

The next meal was a BBQ again. This time it was a steak BBQ. I served baked potatoes with this meal. My grandson does not like steak so he got a little frozen pizza and happy with that! :)

 And as if hamburgers once that week weren't e…

Grocery Haul for Two and LOTS of Catch Up!

When I take a break from blogging the hardest post to catch up on are the grocery hauls. I'm going to only give totals for the 2 weeks that I missed and this will also include my weekly average as of the end of June.  I had so much going on that I didn't take the time to take the pictures of those weeks. For this current week I am back at it with pictures! :)

Also these 2 weeks of trips are a bit higher than my normal because I was preparing for my family get together. 

My grocery haul for the last week of June was: $180
I spent $373 for groceries in June. From the beginning of the year until the end of June I have spent $2465 on all groceries, and shopped (to that date) 26 times. 

My weekly average on groceries as of the end of June is: $95

Now for last weeks grocery haul. I went to Costco for most all of my groceries. I also took a quick trip to Fred Meyers because they had steak on sale. 

I spent $121 at Costco and $44 at Fred Meyer. 
My grand total for t…

Wednesday on the Homestead

Good Morning!
It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me. My normally quiet little life has been anything but that! :) But it's also been so enjoyable and full of fun. 
I had family that started rolling in last week on Wednesday. My daughter and her boyfriend from California and their cute little fur babies were the first to arrive. My son from Ohio was next in line. My other daughters in California could not make it and my daughter in Kentucky could not be here. This year we had 5 out of our 8 children here with their families.  One of these years everyone's schedule will be able to line up and they can all make it to our yearly family get together. 
We also had friends and my niece here as well making for a very full house.  I loved every minute of it. 
Here are some pics from our time together (we also had an evening of fireworks but I didn't get any pics of that as I was helping with kids and taking pics in the dark is not that easy)..

 We had a couple nights of BBQ's…

Hello Friends!

My original plan was to take last week off of blogging to spend time with my grandson and it's been wonderful :). 

 It's been wonderful and busy! :D
I thought I'd share a few pictures...
Having fun with Legos and some cousin fun time..

He helped Grandpa pull some weeds and earned a little money (to buy more Legos :D )

And he's enjoyed spending time at his cousins house....

He also likes to cook and has helped me in the kitchen, and we've played card games, worked together on home things (helping me prep for family coming), and gone on walks.
All in all the whole family is having a great time with him.
As for this update..
I have several family members arriving this week and a family get together planned for Saturday and a list of things to get done to prepare for it all.
SO, I will be taking this week off as well. Most of my family will be leaving on Monday (except for my grandson who will be here for a couple more weeks). 
My goal at this point is to be back t…

Blog Update

Hello Friends!
I wanted to give you a blog update. My 12 year old grandson arrived on Friday night and we've been so enjoying our time with him.
I've decided to take the week off of my regular blogging so I can continue to focus on him. I may pop in with some other blog posts, but I'll get back to my regular weekly blogs next week. 
He says he doesn't like to smile for pictures :D and doesn't like his picture taken, but he did let grandpa take this one of the two of us. Despite his face, he is having a great time here! 

Crystal :)

Grocery Haul for Two

Good Morning!!
This week was a one stop, one store, easy haul. I seem to be in a pattern lately. Every week I shop at Winco and every other week I also stop at Costco. The Winco only weeks are typically small and help balance out the larger Winco/Costco weeks.
With that, here is my haul..

 I picked up the basic fruits and veggies. I only needed a few apples and oranges because we still had some at home and I only needed to make sure we made it through the week. 
The veggies were also my typical salad veggies.  A bag of lettuce mix, red cabbage, green cabbage, mushrooms, kale, grape tomatoes and a sweet potato. 

Dairy only included milk and half & half. I picked up a couple cans of olives for the pantry, flour tortillas and corn tortillas. The frozen corn was on sale for $1.88 for 8 little half ears. I could have gotten some fresh corn but the fresh corn was expensive and not really looking all that great to me. I'll wait until later in the season for the fresh. This was the corn we…

Wednesday on the Homestead

Good Morning!
How are things going for you this morning?  I hope all is well. 
I woke up to a very cool feeling house. I had a couple windows open and shut them and then went and started a little fire. Yep, it's June 19th and I'm still needing to make fires to heat up the house now and then. I know the real summer will come eventually and there will be a nice break in the fire making. Which is good as we are close to being out of wood.
This last week was good and busy. I had a couple trips to town, went on a hike with my oldest son, chatted with my oldest daughter to see how her 2 weeks of duty had gone (she's Army Reserves) and had a visit with my youngest son, a doctors appointment and other bits. 
Hubby has been working on our barn doing some repairs. We don't have animals anymore but the barn needs to be maintained and mice and moles were having a great time in there.  He's repaired the foundation in areas and is putting down a new wood floor. The process has requ…