Menu Monday!



Good Morning! Hope you are doing well today. I have 3 days until the first of family begins to arrive. This week's menu will be bigger than my usual due to the extra people to feed.

I've been planning not only dinners but breakfast and lunch as well. Breakfast meals will be simple. I'm serving yogurt, fruit, muffins, bagels & cream cheese and I'll have cereal available. I plan on doing a couple bigger breakfast meals too. Breakfast sandwiches for one and waffles and scrambled eggs for another.

Lunches will most likely be leftovers or sandwiches. So there's not a lot of extra planning for those.

My menu this week:

Monday: Chili – I'm making a batch of chili in my IP for the two of us. I'll serve salad along with chips & salsa

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Turkey wraps, orange slices, pasta salad

Thursday: Family is arriving and I'll be making pulled pork sandwiches (in my IP) and serving them with coleslaw, pasta salad and chips

Friday: More family arriving and dinner will be Lasagna (which I've already made and it's in the freezer), salad, french bread

Saturday: All the family will be here and extra guests will be arriving. We'll be having a big BBQ. The menu so far is: Steak, burgers (mostly for children that don't want steak), potato salad, macaroni salad, watermelon and other fruits, veggie tray and dip. Dessert will be simple, maybe cookies or ice cream

Sunday: We'll be having a taco bar.  I'll have a variety of taco trimmings along with crunchy taco shells and soft ones.  And extras like salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and hot sauce.  Everyone can fix up their tacos to their own desire.

Now to get my final grocery list made and get ready to do some shopping the next day or two.


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