On Saturday evening last week I was in the garden planting my corn starts. I heard the siren of the local fire department going off. I always wonder what is happening when I hear it. Typically I never learn what happened. But, a bit after I heard the siren I heard emergency vehicles like crazy. Shortly after that I saw the life flight helicopter landing at the local school yard. It is the only flat place in our area for it to land. I knew at that moment it was bad.

I learned later that evening from friends that live in the area that it had been a head on collision right down at the end of my road on the main highway. A truck went over the center line and collided with a minivan. A family. They had been in our area on vacation. Had just spent a fun day in the area taking a boat tour and heading back home, near Seattle Wa. The father and 3 of his children died in the accident. The driver of the truck that crossed over the center line died at the scene.

It really hurt me to hear about this happening so close to my house. A horrible tragedy to a family I did not even know. It could have been anyone. It could have been my family. My children and husband drive this highway every single day to and from work. This stretch of highway is known as one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in Washington state. It shook me up.

I hugged my kids and my hubby and said.. please be careful. It is a frustrating highway to drive on. There are semi trucks and tourists (especially in the summer) and they don't know the roads. There are lots of twists and turns. If you drive it every day.. you know all the twists and turns.. if you don't.. you drive slow. And the frustration levels can rise high for those that commute the road. Drive safely.. literally your life may depend on it...

I realize that bad things happen everywhere, every single day... but this was just so close to home. It left me feeling this.. hug your children everyday. Hug your hubby everyday... Life is short, even if you live a “long” life.. it's still short. Heaven is our homeward destination. Don't take a single day for granted. Love and give love to those around you. We never really know how many days any of us have here. Leave a legacy of a love for God and a life lived for Him.


  1. I used to live near where I thought you lived. Now that you posted this I realize that I was correct. It is a beautiful, yet dangerous area to commute on. I echo your sentiment....

  2. It is the most important thing in our lives to be ready for eternity. Thank you for this reminder. I'm praying for the family. How terrible. There are just no words to say how terrible this is.

  3. Hugs to you and your family. Tragedy all around. We had a beloved 27 year veteran from our police department killed by a guy who wanted to die, suicide by cop. He took the officer with him, and he leaves behind three children and a wife. Hold your loved ones close every day and thank our Lord we have them.


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