Garden Season 2015!

A little over 2 weeks ago I got my tomato seeds started. I have a little box my hubby made me that has grow lights for my seed starts. They are growing so big!! I was hoping to get them transplanted yesterday.. but instead spent the day in town with hubby.. :) Best choice.. :) Today they are on my to do list!

Do any of you start your own plants or buy them? I'd like to do more, but my grow space is limited so I just stick to tomatoes. I mentioned to hubby expanding so I could do more.. he thought that was a possibility.. so maybe next year I'll do some more.


  1. I planted my tomatoes and other seeds on 3/29. Here in Spokane it is too early to plant outdoors yet, but all my seedlings are doing great!! I always grow my own plants. I rarely have pest problems this way. I love my garden! Last year I processed about 100 lbs of tomatoes into pasta sauce, ketchup, tomato soup, and salsa. Whew! I was all canned out after that! (At least for a while). Like you I do a lot of pre-canned, frozen meals (thanks for the many good ideas you present in your site). It is only me and my 8 yr old son, but at the end of a long day, a simple meal is a blessing.

  2. I enjoy your blog:)
    I started my veg last year and this year in boxes in my livingroom. Living in Ontario we have a shorter growing season starting MAy 24 to Sept, so I always start early. Love seeing the seeds grow :)

  3. lovely blog, i see many blogs on internet true others and so i found yours...i follow most of the time blogs with the same hobbys as i have...just for fun, when i have time...thanks for sharing, will visit again..blessings


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