Garden Finally In!

With the nasty wet spring we have had it was making it almost impossible to get my garden in. But thankfully there have been a few dry days in between all the rain and I took full advantage of them! My garden is all planted now. Yesterday the sun was shining and I did some weeding and my hubby was able to rototill the garden. It is looking good and I am encouraged! I took some pics to share with you.

I got my 34 tomato plants in the ground about 3 weeks ago. It was getting to the point that I either was going to have to transplant them all again or plant them. Luckily an open window of dry days came and I got them in the ground. They seem to be doing good (other than needing a bit more heat which I hope is now happening)..

When it was clear that I could not get my corn in the ground at the time I typically do I decided to plant the seeds in my little greenhouse box hubby made me. I planted about 200 seeds and most of them came up. After two weeks the soil was warm enough to transplant…

Everything else I have started from seed in the garden. My green beans are looking good..

My red leaf and green leaf lettuce…

And my summer squash…

I have also planted some flowers, cabbage, beets, dill, spinach, and pumpkins. For right now, my pumpkins are the only seeds that have not come up yet, but I just planted them less than a week ago.

And a pic of the pond.. it always looks so pretty on a sunny day….

Maybe summer is here after all.. :)


  1. What a beautiful garden! We have a couple of raised beds since we have black walnut trees and most things won't grow near them.

    May your summer be filled with much joy and your garden bless you with an abundant harvest!


  2. Your garden is looking great! I love how soft and fluffy your soil looks...ours is full of rocks!
    I too hope that summer has finally arrived, we have been waiting a long time for it!


  3. You have a beautiful homestead!I hope the warm weather comes for you soon.

  4. Lots of luck with the garden. I hope everything comes out just the way you want it. I always enjoy reading about peoples gardens!!! I live in an apartment complex so I don't have a garden...but one of these days, I'll try my hand at container gardening!!! Oh, and I love summer squash and the photo of the pond :) :)
    Hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Your garden looks wonderful. I keep trying and praying that someday I'll have a beautiful garden full of great veggies, not a garden of lots of weeds with a few veggies in among them. Thanks for sharing the photos, it's nice to see what others are doing. God Bless.

  6. Nadine, I had to laugh.. the area we live in is full of rocks! It is really incredible .. But my garden was established many, many years ago.. like probably 50.. and so there have been lots of years to get those rocks out of there. Amazingly though I still will find my share of them each year!

    Heather.. my first garden was a container garden on my apartment patio! :)

    Happy Momma.. I have had those types of gardens too.. gardens take a lot of commitment and time and it has not been until the last few years that I could devote my time to it like I do now. You will get there! :)

  7. Looks great. Your garden will be full and lush in no time.

  8. We got a late start on our garden as well. But it's doing very well TTL!

  9. Your garden looks beautiful! I so enjoy having fresh veggies to eat, especially those we grow ourselves. Enjoy your day. God bless.

  10. it looks wonderful, we had a wet spring too but summer arrived just one week ago and the garden is going. I did not have any luck with spinash this year but the rest is doing good.
    Your garden looks so big but so pretty and well groomed, I wonder how you do that, mine seems attacked by the weeds, then the dry weather...
    Love your pound.


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