Happy Easter!!

He is risen!!

May you all have a blessed day!!  


I wanted to leave you with a picture I took this evening..  I colored Easter eggs using natural type dyes and my daughter Sierra saw them and called them vintage eggs.. I was calling them antique eggs.. but they looked different and I like it!  I used blackberries for the purple eggs, tea for the green ones and carrots and onion skins for the yellow ones.. the brown ones are ala natural from the chicken! 





  1. Happy Easter to you! Love the eggs, especially the purple ones - how fun!

  2. So pretty! Vintage eggs are wonderful. I like the green ones the best : )

  3. Pretty eggs! :) We were just talking about this with a friend who grew up in Iraq. He said they used the onion skins, tumeric, etc. to dye their Easter eggs. He is going to show me how next year! :)


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