Rice Pads are Back in Stock!

 Rice Pads are now back in stock at my country store.  


I use to sell them regularly and they were very popular.  My daughter Emily was the one who made them.  When her life got busy she did not have time for sewing them any more.   

Now, my youngest daughter Sierra and her friend Makayla have picked this project up.  They have been spending many evenings and weekends sewing up rice pads and are doing a great job! 

If you are interested in purchasing a rice pad you can read more information about them and see the current fabric choices here: http://crystalscountrystore.com/ricepads.htm




  1. I love these- they are such a good muscle relaxer when warm . Mine has cherry pits in it and get nice and warm in the microwave.

  2. I haven't visited your little spot on the web in awhile because I have been pretty busy with my kids. I am glad to see that things are getting back to normal after your son's wedding and then his friend's wedding. I hope all is well.


    Sarah Lownsbery


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