Well here we are with another Monday ahead of us.  I have to get Emily to her GED class and that is my only outside obligation. 


However my inside work list is fairly long.  We have been working to clean out the upstairs (the kids all have their rooms upstairs) since back in January.  Not constantly mind you but just as we can.  Tobin said he wanted to have the kid’s paint the upstairs hallway, and Emily spent the weekend cleaning Hannah’s room and moving in to it. Plus we have family coming to stay with us…..  So between all these things we have the needed incentives to get this area worked on. 


Not to mention that Tobin is planning to remodel Sierra’s bedroom this summer and she is such a little pack rat!  So she has been going through her things and reducing and after she tells me she is done then I will go in and we will go through it all again!  LOL..  I know her..  she will contemplate something and it will have some meaning to her and she can’t get rid of it..  So I think I will giver her a small to medium size Rubbermaid type tote and tell her she can keep just that amount.  Then she will have to make some decisions. 


I did make soap on Saturday!  It was not a huge amount (15 lbs.) but I was happy to get that done.  I need to do more, so next weekend may be a soap weekend too.  I need to keep my little store all stocked up!


I have really slipped lately on the menu planning, but have been surviving quite well.  This last week the menu included.. Italian Pintos, Buffalo wings and lentil chili, bbq steaks, bean and bacon soup, enchiladas..  It has worked good to just open the freezer and see what I need to use up and plan a meal around it.  Today I think I will do something with some round steak.  I have really loved having the beef available to me (we recently purchased a whole cow for the freezer).  The meat tastes delicious!  I will also cook up a batch of brown rice to be able to use through the week and maybe some potato salad to have on hand.  I like to make extra food items and have them to eat on for a few days. 


Hope you all have a great day on your homesteads! 



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