Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Madness

1. How many "people" pictures do you have displayed in your house?


 Actually not all that many.. I have a few collage type pictures that I have made of my family hanging in my hall.. a couple small ones sitting on furniture..  Now if the question was how many do I have on my computer!!  That would be totally a different answer! LOL..

2. How many times a month/year do you rearrange your furniture? 


Rarely..  I think in 10 years I have rearranged my living 3 times.  At Christmas I have to do a bit of rearranging to make room for the tree, but then things go back to normal.

3. Do you check your email every day? If so, how many times a day


I usually just leave it on all day if I am home.... I check fairly often.. 

4. How often do you generally look at a clock/watch on any given day? 


I check all the time..  That is how I stay on track with my day! 

5. How do you handle telemarketer phone calls?   


Thank you but I am not interested..   ‘CLICK’ 

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