It's Been a Week Already?

I realized today that it has been a whole week since posting!  Between not feeling well (had a flu bug go through the house) and dealing with puppies (yes we still have them, but are working diligently on selling them!), getting a new milking goat (I will tell about that soonÂ…) and sewing (been working on diapers and Sierra and I have been sewing doll clothes..), and working to spring clean my kitchen in small steps..  well,  I have just not had time to update my blog.


We can skip the details of the flu bug (it is over now and we are feeling better)!


The puppies are so cute, but other than a few calls, so far no one has come to look at them.  Next week I put an ad in the big city paper!  I am ready for them to find new homes.


On the diapers sewing..  well between a pattern I bought from CyndiGran   (you can purchase her patterns on Ebay )  and these directions   I have now made 2 diapers that I am really happy with!  Plus using these directions  I made a few newborn size flat folds.  This is a lot fun!  Now that I am happy with the end product I can focus on quantity!  I am figuring a couple dozen fitted size small diapers and a bunch of flat folds should get my daughter by for awhile.  Then I will work on the next size of fitted ones. 


My new goat.  Still need to get a picture of her.  I had a friend call me and tell me this lady was getting rid of her goats and had a mama and kid that needed a good home. She was willing to sell them for $25!!  That seemed like a bargain to me..  I could sell the buckling kid alone and more than recover my costs.  She is sweet a little thing.  She is a Lamancha goat.. they have no ears, which we are all finding pretty funny because we are use to the floppy ear goats (as seen in the picture above!). Her kid is nursing but I am giving them a few days to settle in and then will start separating the kid at night so I can milk her in the morning. 


So that is basic update on the homesteadÂ… there is more to share but I will save it for another blog entry! 


Hope you all have a great Tuesday on your homesteads! 


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Can't wait to see pics of the new goat!

  2. Crystal,

    I just have the sweetest picture in my mind of you and Sierra spending time together sewing...I love that. You are such a great mommy to share your talents with your girls. So glad you all are feeling better. Love to you all and blessings,


  3. Hi Crystal- Congrats on the new goats, what a bargain! We love LaManchas- they will be our next goats. Funny looking, yes, but sooo sweet! I think their milk is supposed to be really high in butterfat also.

    We have a little bug going around here also, nothing serious just enough to keep the kids quiet :)



  4. Crystal I am glad you are feeling better. Isn't sewing with your daughter such a blessing, I am now teaching Shannon (21 years old) to crochet, but she is confused with it. She wants to make an aghan for her hope chest. I too am working on spring cleaning my kitchen.



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